Tuesday, November 20, 2007

a day in hell...pressure increasing

Today i woke up around 10am ..got lotsa things to settle down...i was about to wake up when my roomate entered our room ..opened her cabinet..she was about to get a shower as we planned to go to faculties last nite..weve planned to go to our faculty 1st INTERNATIONAL STUDIES FACULTY ..to ask about our problem as we going to finish our studies next sem but the papers we want to take for next semester are not available anymore..too many students took that papers..what im angry about is most of the papers took by our juniors..dammit..the priority to study final semester papers supposed to be ours..not juniors who have couples semester to go..fuck them..im getting hate those stupid cows!! they've put us into trouble..we cant extend semester juz because we x get one paper as it has been fully taken by those cows!whos gonna pay the fees..loan wont takes responsibilty for any fees of extension..so we went to see our head of department..then she told us what to do but dats not a guarantee for us to get those papers..we have to wait until ADD DROP COURSE WEEK..fuck..when will it be??!! no one knows..everything we have to settle via internet...they think other senior students who live at the village wud be able to settle those crap ...internet??!!urghh...im getting mad..why dont those staff juz key-in our subject requested ...theres no need to wait for add drop...we can key in the papers if theres vacancy for the papers...if not??!! we have to come again to faculty and ask those staff key in for us manually..so whats the different if they key in now? juz kick out juniors ass to pass the papers for us!!!..me and my roomate kinda mad so we out immediately..

rushing to PUBLIC MANAGEMENT N LAW FACULTY..to settle application of Business Law paper which is planned to take next sem..dammit...the DEAN missing in action...man...!whats wrong with u people...if u dun wanna work, juz go home!..we were tired like hell!!! climbed up and down faculties...3rd floor 4th floor...then the person we looked for wasnt there..see...imagine if u were in our shoes..fed up fed up!! after that we decided to go to MODERN LANGUANGE AND COMMUNICATION FACULTY because i want to apply PHOTOGRAPHY COURSE for my free-elective course.then the lecture said that paper opened to MEDIA students only...WUTTAA!!..i insisted to take that paper...the lecture MEJAR AZIZAN refused to take me...im so dissapointed..i asked him again to give me one chance to join photography class..i dont care if im the only one who not from MEDIA program..i dun care!!! just because im taking international affairs management as my field he said doesnt make sense for me as international affairs program student to take photography course..!wutta fuck!!i dun care about it making sense or not! dats my passion!if i said i want it he should let me!..then i told him no matter happen i want to join the class!! finally he s surrender..he said he's going to discuss with the Dean 1st for my special application...well..that wud be more easier if he said it at the 1st place ..so everything cleared..just wait and see..if any problem occur next sem i will find those person!!!!

the pressure is still there..final exam is not over yet...there 4 papers more to go..my goddd...please take this pressure as soon as possible..have to settle my practical stuff ..call the practical company...bla bla...too many things to do..once the practical company confirms to take me..ive to find a house..financial wud be the biggest problem next year..ive to buy camera as im applied photography course..what shud i do..do i have to drop the course for financial sake or go on with the camera-buying and find another solution to fix the financial...practical time wud be hard for me next sem..if i x buy a camera i can save money to rent a room and buy some new clothes to start working at practical company...urghh..what shud i do...if drop the photography course ive to find another free-elective course which is need me to climb up down the stairs again from another faculty to another faculty to find any course available...oh myyyy..i need a rest....!head ache hit again!....catcha u guys later..

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