Sunday, November 18, 2007

my word for today

everyday is hari yang membosankan tanpa khabar dari sesiapapun yang rapat mahupun yang jauh..wuttodo..we cant ask people to accompany us...nevermind is colourful..but sumtim its black n white and we cant force ourself to paint it in order to change it to b more colourful and beautiful..we have to live in black n white...aku dah biasa dah ...lagipun kita kena memahami orang lain jugak sebab everyone has their on thing to do walaupun kadang2 susah jugak orang nak faham kita...dats life and down..sum ppl come and some of them fled away like ghost..they r exist but dun wanna show up...dats heart feelin..terima dengan hati terbuka ...we have to learn live in lonely because we came to this world alone (except for twins or triplets or quad).and we go alone also la dats y aku tak amik kisah dah sekarang..once people tanya khabar aku..aku tanya khabar news from them ..then same goes news from me...i learn to live by myself without being cheer by others...i cheer myself..dats makes me happier than before even im alone...there few people who r passed by my room lately and said

"wah ...asyik main game aje..."
"wah..asyik tido je.."
"wah...baca buku nampak"
"wah...sorang2 ke baca majalah"
"tak kuar bilik ke"

those a few things said by them la...i just took it harsh ..and smile...but one of them came and stepped into my room after ages i didnt see her ...she came and lepak for a while..took a asked me bout my opinion bout one guy which is i know la this guy..if i dunno what for she asked kan..urghh...she bla bla bout this guy...and i gave my own opinion which i didnt insist her to take it fully la..nama pun opinion...i asked her to make her own decision ..summore i dunno much bout this guy ..just kenal2 gitu la ...but so far he;s ok la..but according to this girl..this guy is..quite tough..i mean ..hard to handle temper..behind he's gentlemen attitude...hurmm..what cant i say..i told her early i dunno much bout tat guy ...and i listened to her probs...future planning ...bla bla bla...

well...WE SHOULD LISTEN WHEN PPL TALKING TO US..BE FOCUS!..dats how we show our appreciation after they choosed us to be their body will pick us easily to be their listener unless u can be trusted.....even sumtime the "story-teller" who picks us as their listener never listen to us when we wanna share probs..oopss...sorry if i strike u...but dats the reality...well we cant blame body cant be what we want them to be unless they want to if it worth ...sometime couples also didnt listen to their telling here because it is reality ...u cant say " no la".."where got"..just ask urself did ur spouse always listens to u and give quality opinion when u ask for it? sumtim they cannot give u komen2 yg ok or pandangan yang bernas because they dun think much of what we said!!!

GIRLS....u ve to deal with it..dun cry just because he didnt focus to what u said ...sometime ur spouse malas bercakap,malas berfikir sumtime tak kisah langsung ...they think they have lotsa prob which is bigger than our tired of those girls who came to me and bebel bout tis...come on..get over it..if they x listen to u..lantak dorang la...right....i dun self..if my spouse x listen and x focus what ive said of what i wanna share..ok dats it..once i talk about it i wont repeat again..dats mean ive to deal with that probs by myself...dont expect anybody wud help or listen to u when u open ur mouth!..DEAL WITH IT!...yeah ..i cant denied im a crybaby..but dats my case..but i never clinging on anybody or x get mad when no body listen to me...go to the mirror and talk to urself bout ur problem...because u know bout urself well than once u done u will get a way how to get over it ...

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