Tuesday, August 18, 2009

yatie chomey's giveaway

okayhh..aku upload pic ni utk masuk contest YATIE CHOMEY'S GIVEAWAY...murah hati kak yatie ..heheh.aku suka i gambar pic hubby aku yang tersayang kishhh kishh pipi iii sebab kalau dia kishh tu beria mcm ada perfume sekilo tumpah kat pipi aku..hehe..the moment dia kiss yang tu la yangbuat aku paling happy..tgk muka aku tu senyum lebar cam ape je...hehhehe...i love him so much.young parents with young heart.so sape2 yang nak join contest ni sila baca syarat2 di bawah ye.

Terms & Conditions :

1. This giveaway is only for the follower of blog Yatie Chomeyl

2. Link to blog Yatie Chomeyl in your entry and add my blog in your bloglist : http://yatiechomeyl.blogspot.com/ (no link back will be disqualified)

3. Upload the banner of this contest to your sidebar

4. Only ONE picture per entry

5. Leave the link to your entry here to inform me that you've join this contest

6. Winners will be selected by the sponsor a.k.a my hubby

7. I reserves the right to change the terms & conditions without prior notice

I have the right to replace the prize with the same value.

8. This giveaway is open to Malaysia residents only and runs from now until 3 p.m (GMT +8:00); August 28, 2009.

untuk maklumat lanjut sila pergi ke url dibwh:


yatie chomeyl said...

dah jenguk..good luck ;)

Precious said...

Peeeweeet! Jom lak join Lets play a game and win a prize, too!. suka2 ...

Framestone said...

he...23x ida... bile mahu tunjuk baby mu kat uncle die nie huhuhu.. lame sih xjumpe kamu

en_me said...

ammvoiii.. romantiknyerrr..

en_me said...

ammvoiii.. romantiknyerrr..

white rabbit said...

heheh..malu i tauuu en_me..hehe