Monday, September 7, 2009

MomBloggersPlanet Cutest Baby with BOTTLE Contest

1x First Prize

  • One Medium Landscape Hardcover or Medium Portrait Hardcover Photobooks by PhotoBook Malaysia (worth RM144)
  • One bag of his/her choice from AliceWonders (worth from RM50-RM200)

1x Second Prize

  • One Medium Portrait Softcover or Medium Portrait Classic Softcover by PhotoBook Malaysia (worth RM80)

1x Third Prize

  • One Large Landscape Poster by PhotoBook Malaysia (worth RM68)

3x Consolation Prize

  • One PurseHook from AliceWonders (worth RM20)

The First and Second Prize winners will be automatically qualified for the 2009 Cutest Baby of the Planet contest (will be held on January 2010 with more great prizes).

It’s easy to enter.

Every month, we will have a different exciting theme for this contest. You just need to dig into your baby’s photo collection and find a photo that best suit the theme. And, if you don’t have one, go grab your camera and shot a nice photo now!

September 09 theme is “Cutest Baby with BOTTLE“.

“Cutest Baby with BOTTLE“.
MomBloggersPlanet Cutest Baby with BOTTLE Contest

Yes, bottle! Ha..ha..ha

Every baby drinks milk (formula or EBM) from a bottle, right? So, you should have a picture or two of this feeding moment for future keepsake.

Why milk bottle? Because, we’re promoting a safer bottle-feeding for babies and children as part of our Babies & Kids Safety Campaign.

Just follow the steps below and you could grab one of the wonderful prizes.

  • Get a photo of your baby with his/her milk bottle
  • Write a blog post about this contest with title MomBloggersPlanet Cutest Baby with BOTTLE Contest
  • Include your baby’s photo in the post and mention his/her name and date of birth.
  • Write about the MILK BOTTLE in the picture.
  • Write your opinion on how to safely feed your baby using a BOTTLE.
  • Include a link to this contest page, PhotoBook Malaysia and AliceWonders in your entry.
  • Leave a comment here with link to your blog post

Here are the links that must be included in your blog entry.

MomBloggersPlanet contest page :
PhotoBookMalaysia :
AliceWonders :

Leave a comment here with link to your blog post

That’s all. Easy!

Terms & Condition

  1. This contest is opened to Malaysian babies 0-3 years old at the time of entry.
  2. Picture should be current or less than 1 year difference from the actual age of baby.
  3. You can post many pictures in one entry but should not compile them together. Please post each picture separately to make judging easy.
  4. Entry must be submitted by a parent, legal guardian or close relatives (can enter for child, sibbling or cousin).
  5. Entry can be in Bahasa Malaysia or English.
  6. Contest starts from 1st to 15th September 2009
  7. By participating, you expressly consent for your particulars, entries and photos to be posted on
  8. The Grand Prize and First Prize winners will be automatically qualified for the 2009 Cutest Baby of the Planet contest.
  9. MomBloggersPlanet will select the winners
  10. AliceWonders and PhotoBook Malaysia will handle the prizes delivery to Malaysian address for free. Any delivery outside of Malaysia would have to be chargeable.
  11. Judge’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entertained
  12. Winners will be announced on and also will be contacted via email.
  13. reserves the rights to change, amend, delete or add on to these Terms and Conditions without prior notice to you and shall become effective on such date as determine by us. You agree to be bound by such amendments.
  14. reserves the right to cancel the contest at any stage, if deemed necessary in our opinion, and if circumstances arise outside of our control.

This month’s Baby Photo Contest is proudly sponsored by:

We’re sorry that this Cutest Baby Contest is currently not open to non-Malaysian. Perhaps, we would consider accepting entries from other Asian countries in the future.

We also apologize that this Cutest Baby Contest is only for babies 0-3 years old. Any child over 3 years of age is no longer considered a baby.

so ni entry cik rabbit.hehhe

MomBloggersPlanet Cutest Baby with BOTTLE Contest

name:muhammad rayyan helmi muhammad tarmimi
d.o.b: 14th october 2008

rayyan menggunakan botol susu yang kecil dari jenama ACE.rayyan lebih selesa dgn botol yang kecil ni sebab membolehkan dia memegang dgn lebih baik berbanding botol susu yang besar atau panjang.Botol susu jenama ACE yang kecil juga lebih senang dibasuh kerana diameter dan panjangnya yang terhad.

Pada saya penggunaan botol susu adalah selamat jika kita tahu saiz dan jenis botol serta puting yang sesuai untuk bayi.Kerana kedua2 ini penting kerana jika saiz yang tidak sesuai digunakan akan menyebabkan kebocoran di sekeliling botol susu dan mungkin menyebabkan bayi mudah tersedak jika lubang di puting susu tidak bersesuaian.Botol susu juga perlu lah berkualiti dimana tahan panas dan mudah dibersihkan.Botol atau puting yang tidak dibersihkan sebaiknya akan menyebabkan bayi akan mengalami sakit perut atau mengalami jangkitan kerana kuman yang terdapat di puting atau botol susu tersebut.Botol susu perlulah disteril selalu dengan air panas supaya dapan membunuh kuman serta bakteria2 lain.Jika tidak digunakan botol susu perlu ditutup dgn penutup botol yang telah didatangkan khas bersama botol tersebut supaya puting susu tidak terdedah kepada kuman serta kekotoran yang mungkin menyebabkan alahan kepada bayi.Jika bayi menyusu menggunakan botol susu didalam buai,ibu perlu memastikan supaya buai tidak berayun atau berayun terlalu laju yang akan menyebabkan kadar pengeluaran susu lebih laju kerana bayi lebih mudah tersedak.Jangan biarkan bayi menyusu sendirian didalam buai dikhuatiri kelalaian tersebut akan menyebabkan perkara yang tidak diingin berlaku.Ibu perlu memantau keselamatan bayi semasa mereka menyusu.

MomBloggersPlanet contest page :
PhotoBookMalaysia :


miemiey said...

good luck yee...ank menyusu botol ke???cik rabbit keje ke?

white rabbit said...

thank u kak miemiey.....kite dah drop kat shout box akak tau!

karipapsayur said...

besarnye dia bukaan mata dia!!

mummyseri said...

good luck for rayyan yek..comei je dianyer btl susu kiut :)

white rabbit said...

hahha..mata rayyan memang besar..mata burung hantu..ahaks

white rabbit said...

mummyseri...rayyan budget comey tu yg pakai botol susu kecik..jenuh bancuh banyak kali..ahaks

mamamiera said...

gud luck to cik rabit n ryan.. erm zai nk tanye.. ryan mnum guna botol kecik,ckup ke dia..? biasenye botol kecik 90ml kal0 xsilap..bile habis dia x mintak lg? uii kal0 haiqal skrg skali mnum 120-150ml.. tu p0n xck0p2 tau.. papep0nk,harap ryan terpilih ye..